Cooking Class





The traditional balinese konsep

We use Traditional Cooking all natural without  MSG

 what  menu for cookng clas

 Basa Rajang (Yellow Sauce

Sambal Matah

 Satay Lilit Chicken

Nasi Kuning Yelow Rice

Pepes Ikan Tuna

Grilled Tuna In Banana leaf


Dadar Gulung

Price for class is 300,000 /person  minum two person




authentic indonesian food

peanut sauce

Mie goreng

fried noodle with vegetables

chiken or tempe +tofu satay

grilled Chiken or tempe tofu skew

                                                                     Dessert Pisag goreng ( Fried banana)

                                                                Price 275,000/person minimun two person